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Over the past ten years, the blocky world of Minecraft has maintained its steadily increasing appeal without any setbacks. The greatest Minecraft servers deserve a lot of the credit for keeping the community vibrant. These servers elevate the standard Minecraft experience to a whole new level by utilising exclusive mods, unique Minecraft biomes, and some of the best resource packs. The Hypixel server, however, is one that really jumps out. Hypixel, the biggest server with top-notch content and a sizable international community, has been operating for almost ten years. It has all of the mini-games, adventure maps, and other features you would anticipate from a trustworthy server. It becomes rather difficult to leave this server once you get going and return to the original Minecraft universe. Having said that, let’s get to the point and learn more about Minecraft Hypixel and how to join this incredible server.

Everything You Need to Know About Tiny10 (2022)

Before getting to the steps for joining this server, we’ll first go through the main aspects of the Hypixel. If you want to read the server joining instructions in their entirety, use the table below. However, we advise first familiarising yourself with the server’s features. So with that said, let’s get started.

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Stripped Down Windows 10: What is Tiny10?

Minecraft The largest Minecraft Java server in the world, Hypixel is often used by hundreds of thousands of players. Hypixel began as a YouTube channel and a collection of unique maps, but after setting four Guinness World Records, it has evolved into a stand-alone game studio that manages this enormous server. The server has 18 language options, and its user base goes far beyond Minecraft.

A staff of more than 60 individuals is supported by a revenue stream, community forums, and specialised social media channels. The success of the Minecraft Hypixel server serves as evidence that setting up your own Minecraft server is unquestionably worthwhile. But it is a different tale, one for which we have already produced a thorough guide. Let’s review all the fantastic games that can be played on this server for the time being.

As of April 2022, gamers of Minecraft can enjoy 19 minigames on the Hypixel server. Let’s discuss each of them separately.

You and your four teammates start off in Hypixel’s bed battles on separate islands. Players must gather resources and protect their beds in this scenario. You can’t resurrect if another player ruins your bed after you die. In order to kill the opposing team, the goal of the entire game is to defend and destroy beds.

This mini-game is a collection of smaller, quick-paced games, as the name implies. With quick and enjoyable gameplay, there are zombies, swords, battling, building, and other things.

Players in this Minecraft Hypixel game are given a theme to use in order to construct the best structure as rapidly as possible. The best build is then determined by popular voting among the numerous structures. Some of the top Minecraft house designs may be useful if you decide to give the game a try.

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Duels is a straightforward PVP mini-game with many terrain types. These include the tournament-style games Skywars, UHC, and others where players fight to be at the top of the daily leaderboard.

Arena Brawl is a PVP game style similar to Duels where players can compete against one another and even teams. But what distinguishes this minigame from others is its emphasis on swords, each of which has unique skills.

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The gameplay in the following minigame is reminiscent to Age of Empires-style games. Before the borders close, you have a little window of time to prepare. Then, in order to finish the game and defend your castle, you must battle against three teams. There is no respawning, and each castle has a Wither that must be eliminated by the opposing teams in order for them to win.

The only objective of this PUBG-like game is survival. In a variety of maps, you spawn alongside 16 or 32 other players. Then, as you might have guessed, you must murder other players in order to be the last one standing and win the game.

This game offers a thorough racing game experience in the world of Minecraft, elevating travel in Hypixel to a new level. To enhance your kart and win the game, you can earn unique skins, resources, and much more.

CS: GO on Tiny10

How to Install Tiny10 (Stripped Down Windows 10)

Skyblocks, a well-liked game mode, has been improved with Skywars. In both games, players begin on their own isolated floating islands with few resources. Then, in order to survive in Minecraft, you must murder other people in addition to avoiding plummeting to your death.

On the straightforward tough survival mode known as UHC, you are given new recipes and particular constraints in a custom Minecraft world. You must endure as long as you can in this environment, exactly like in standard Minecraft’s harsh mode.

The Cops and Crims tactical shooter in Minecraft Hypixel is a derivative of the terrorist and counter-terrorist concept of CS: GO. In each game, the goal is to place or defuse bombs, and both teams are equipped with firearms, handguns, and grenades.

This mini-game is a shooter that moves quickly. Each team is given a set of colours and a set amount of collective lives in this situation. The goal of one team is to eliminate as many members of the opposing team as they can by killing them and taking their lives.

Smash Heroes is one of the most enjoyable Hypixel Minecraft games. Players can pick one of the several heroes with level-uppable custom skills from this list. The final individual or team standing must then battle it out with other heroes in arena-style conflicts.

This mini-game in Minecraft features three categories of players: killer, innocent, and detective, bringing back classic feelings of games like Among Us. The assassin tries to assassinate everyone. In the meantime, the investigator and the victims work to apprehend the killer and keep one another safe.

This Hypixel server game was created specifically for explosive gaming. Each of the several, original TNT-based side games here aims to blow you and your buddies apart.

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Quakecraft is the fastest-paced game on the Hypixel Minecraft server out of all the others. You have a choice of two game modes: point-based and deathmatch. The team with the fastest and most precise killers wins the contest in either mode.

This gloomy mini-game might not be to your liking if you find the Warden in Minecraft to be frightening. Users are dropped into a vampire-populated world where they can choose to join the dark side or try to survive as the vampires try to hunt you.

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Players have 15 minutes to prepare in this PVP Minecraft Hypixel game before engaging in a bloody conflict. Players can build defences, armour, and weaponry in the first 15 minutes. However, once the fight starts, it doesn’t end until the opposing squad is entirely wiped out.

The Warlord mini-game, one of the Hypixel server’s most well-known elements, is the last but certainly not least. It is effectively a new game within Minecraft, complete with own resource packs, custom sounds, and own3D weapons. It has its own game types, such as capture the flag, team deathmatch, and domination.

Like joining any other Minecraft server, the Hypixel server’s joining procedure is the same. However, bear in mind that it is only available in the Java version of the game. Here are the steps to join the Minecraft Hypixel server after that.

1. Open your Java version of the Minecraft game and choose the Multiplayer option from the home screen.

2. After that, Minecraft will caution you about joining an unofficial internet server. When you have finished reading the warning, click Proceed.

3. Next, select the Add Server icon located in the lower right corner of the screen. If you don’t want to save the server on your list, you can also utilise the Direct Connection button.

4. Every Minecraft server is assigned a different server address. The server address for Hypixel is mc.hypixel.net. It should be copied and pasted in the Server Address column. You can give your server any name you like, but make sure the Server Resource Packs toggle is turned on. After that, simply click the Done button to finish joining the Hypixel server.

The Hypixel server can seem a little intimidating when you first join. So, stick to these guidelines to seamlessly integrate into the Minecraft Hypixel universe.

1. You can observe a range of players in the same main lobby as you when you initially spawn onto the server. Right-clicking on the character in this location will bring up a brief instruction on how to use the server.

2. After that, you should head toward the large nether gateway that is flanked by numerous statues. Additionally, you are welcome to explore the surrounding area according on your interests.

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3. Each statue close to the gateway stands for one of the many game types we mentioned earlier. If you look at the statue, you can see the name of the game and how many players are currently playing it. To join a game mode, right-click on the game statue that most interests you.