WhatsApp has taken another very important step towards the security of personal data

WhatsApp Enhances Security with Password Reminder Feature

WhatsApp, the popular messaging platform, has taken steps to further secure user data with its new Password Reminder feature. For years, the platform has been a top choice for secure communication through its end-to-end encryption features. However, until September 2021, the cloud backups were not encrypted, leaving a potential security risk. To address this, the parent company Metainstalled encrypted backups to Google Drive, and users can protect them with a password.

Ensuring Access to Encrypted Backups

The Password Reminder feature is an important step in ensuring that users do not lose access to their encrypted backups. After updating to the latest version, users are prompted to enter a 64-digit key or password for their end-to-end encrypted backup. Access to the application is restricted until the correct password is entered or encrypted backups are turned off.


WhatsApp’s Password Reminder feature is a significant development in data security, helping ensure that users do not lose access to their encrypted backups. By prompting users to enter a 64-digit key or password, the platform is able to protect user data and keep it secure.