WhatsApp will allow you to use usernames instead of phone numbers

WhatsApp Enhances Security with New Update

The popular messaging app, WhatsApp, is making sure its users remain safe by introducing an update that will keep their phone number private. According to WaBetaInfo, a trusted source for app updates, people will be able to use a unique username to be identified when someone adds them as a contact.

Usernames to Replace Phone Numbers

The latest Android beta app has detected code related to the update which will allow users to choose a username that will replace their phone number. This will make it easier to remember, as well as to communicate with other users by simply entering the username.

User Interface for Usernames

WaBetaInfo has also released images of the interface that will be used for the username feature. It will be accessible from the WhatsApp Settings > Profile menu.


WhatsApp is making sure its users are safe and secure with this new update. By allowing users to choose a username to be identified by, it makes it easier to remember and to communicate with other users.