WhatsApp Will Now Let You Add up to 512 People to a Group

The long-awaited message replies feature for WhatsApp has already begun rolling out to users worldwide, but it’s not the only change that will be made. The messaging service, which is owned by Meta, also said that it would shortly raise the number of members allowed in each WhatsApp Group. Here are some specifics.

WhatsApp Group Limit Increases

According to a recent blog post, WhatsApp will soon allow users to create groups with up to 512 members. One WhatsApp group would be able to have twice as many members as the current cap of 256. The feature has begun to gently roll out to users, and we anticipate it will soon be available to all Android and iOS users.

Many people will appreciate this move, especially those who work for organisations that frequently employ a sizable number of people. However, it is less than Telegram’s enormous 20,000-member cap, another well-known chat app.

In addition, WhatsApp has begun introducing the ability to communicate files up to 2GB in size that are end-to-end encrypted. The previously established 100MB file size restriction will be further increased by this. The messaging platform advises using Wi-Fi for large file uploads, and there will now be a status indication so users can monitor it. The initial version of this functionality was released in a recent WhatsApp beta.

As you are already aware, users are now receiving message reactions, and the most recent versions of the app now support them. Users can just long-press a message to react to it by selecting one of the six available emojis. WhatsApp has stated that it will soon expand the available emoji possibilities, much like Instagram does.

Recall that the messaging behemoth also formally announced the Communities to allow group administrators to manage their groups conveniently in one location, however it is unclear when this feature would be made available to everyone. Do you approve of WhatsApp’s plan to expand the size of groups? Please share your opinions in the section below.