will block access to ChatGPT in Europe if they cannot adapt to the proposed strict regulation

Regulation of Artificial Intelligence

In recent days, governments across the world have implemented new regulations to govern the field of Artificial Intelligence. In the United States, OpenAI CEO Sam Altman testified before the US Congress to provide his opinion on the matter. Meanwhile, the European Union has preliminarily approved its own regulation, entitled the IA Act.

Potential Consequences for Europe

This regulation could have detrimental effects for those of us who use ChatGPT in Europe. The main players in the AI industry are not happy with the new rules, which will not be as advanced as those in the EU. According to the Financial Times, Altman warned Brussels that the new regulation might force OpenAI to withdraw their services from Europe, meaning that Europeans would no longer have access to ChatGPT, DALL-E 2 or Whisper.


The regulation of Artificial Intelligence is an important global issue, and governments are taking steps to ensure that the technology is used responsibly. However, the new rules could have serious consequences for those of us in Europe who rely on OpenAI’s services. It remains to be seen whether the IA Act will be approved and what impact it will have on the industry.