will use 5G to broadcast in virtual reality

Telefónica and Atlético de Madrid: A Longstanding Partnership

For a long time, Telefónica and Atlético de Madrid have been joined at the hip. And now, they are introducing a pioneering pilot project that will take football viewing to the next level.

A New Way to Enjoy Football: VR and 5G

Thanks to virtual reality (VR) technology and 5G connection, football fans can enjoy games with 4K quality through VR glasses. Furthermore, viewers will be able to get images from different parts of the stadium, allowing them to have a complete experience of the match.

Paving the Way for Future Broadcasts

This innovative project could revolutionize the way sports are broadcasted in the future. Telefónica and Movistar want fans to be able to enjoy a completely new way to follow football matches in real-time.

Premiering With Great Results

This pilot project premiered with fantastic results in the game between Atlético de Madrid and Osasuna. To further refine this pioneering program, it will also be tested on Sunday, May 28, against Real Sociedad.


The partnership between Telefónica and Atlético de Madrid is bringing a new and exciting way to watch football. This project could be the start of a new era in sports broadcasting, and it is sure to bring a lot of joy to football fans all over the world.