Will we have an Apple Watch Ultra 2 in 2023?

Apple Watch Ultra & Series 8 Launch

In September 2022, Apple unveiled its Apple Watch Ultra and Apple Watch Series 8. This has led to speculation as to whether the company will continue to launch a new model of the smartwatch every year.

iPhone 15 and Apple Watch Series 9

It has been confirmed that Apple will release its iPhone 15 line and Apple Watch Series 9 in 2023. But what about the Apple Watch Ultra 2?

Differences Between Apple Watch Ultra & Series 8

The Apple Watch Ultra and Series 8 share the same processor, but the major difference lies in the material of the Ultra. The titanium finish has been a major factor in its success.

Strategy for Updating Apple Watch Ultra

Apple must consider a strategy to update the Apple Watch Ultra with improvements. This could include a higher level of customization and different colored finishes. Furthermore, the design of the smartwatch could be perfected.


It is unclear what Apple has planned for the future of its Apple Watch Ultra. However, the company could make improvements to the design and material of the watch to make it even more appealing.