Windows suffers failures in copying and transferring files

Microsoft Issues Urgent Alert Affecting Windows 10 and 11

Microsoft has recently issued an urgent alert, indicating that a serious problem is affecting a large number of people around the world, both in Windows 10 and in the current version Windows 11. This issue could potentially lead to lost files, so users should be extremely cautious.

No Solution in Sight


Unfortunately, Microsoft has been quite clear about the situation, admitting that there is no solution to the problem yet, and that they cannot make a specific forecast as to when the issue will be resolved. As such, the company urges users to take extra precautions.

Affecting All Versions of Windows

What is particularly worrying is that, in the past, similar incidents have only affected certain versions of Windows. This time, however, Microsoft has stated that the alert applies to all editions of the operating system, meaning that both Windows 10 and Windows 11 users are affected.


Microsoft’s recent alert is a cause for concern, as it affects a large number of users worldwide, and could potentially lead to lost files. As there is currently no solution in sight, users of Windows 10 and 11 should be extra vigilant.