You can buy the new Apple product now

Apple Launches Pride Day Watch Strap

Apple releases never cease, and the upcoming WWDC event on June 5th is no exception. The company has already released a new product to the public, and it is now available for purchase. This product is a watch strap specifically designed to commemorate Pride Day.

Aesthetic Appeal

In addition to its symbolic significance, the watch strap also has an attractive aesthetic. The design features a white color scheme and a pattern of 1,500 words with external links related to the event.

Apple’s Commitment to Social Change

Apple is committed to making a positive impact on social issues, and this watch strap is one way the company is taking a stand against homophobia. This is not the first time the company has released a product in support of Pride Day, and it is likely to be a successful launch.


Apple’s commitment to social change is clear in the launch of this Pride Day watch strap. Not only does it carry a symbolic significance, but it also has an attractive aesthetic and is likely to be a successful product.