You Can Now Apply Snapchat Face Lenses Even After Clicking A Photo

Snapchat appears to be testing a tonne of new features to make it more helpful for its users while battling to win back supporters for its much-despised overhaul. We’ve learned that Snapchat now lets you edit selfies by adding face lenses after the photo has been taken.

If you’ve ever used Snapchat, you may be aware that you can access a variety of lenses by tapping on your face while taking a selfie. Swipe through them and choose any one to add an accessory to your selfies. On the other hand, it appears like Snapchat is now using its facial recognition system to give you the lenses even after the picture has been taken.

The Google Pixel 2 and Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 running Snapchat’s stable version and beta version, respectively, were used for our testing, and both devices experienced no issues.

It’s just like using any other in-app image editing tool in terms of how the functionality operates. Snapchat will display a Smiley icon beneath the Paperclip link button when you take a picture. You can select any of the facial lenses available by tapping it, including the infamous dog ears and flower tiara (as yours truly did).

It’s vital to note that the smiley icon won’t appear if only half of your face is visible, for inanimate things, or if the software cannot correctly recognise your face.

Additionally, it appears like Snapchat is testing the hands-free video recording capability, which was anticipated earlier this month. After long-pressing the camera icon to begin recording a video, you can just slide down to a new Lock icon and let go of your finger to continue recording videos exactly like you would with the camera app.

In the hands-free mode, you can capture up to six Snaps, or 60 seconds of video.

Users of Snapchat will be thrilled to finally get access to this function, but it comes after Instagram Stories, which has had the hands-free mode since the beginning and is one of the most desired features.

The Snapchat development team has been churning out new features to its ephemeral messaging app like clockwork since since its redesign and the ensuing controversy. Earlier in the day, it was claimed that the app has introduced the option to name people in its own Stories, taking a cue from Instagram Stories. Have any of these new features been delivered to you yet? Let us know in the comments section.