You Can Now Make Video Calls on Your Apple Watch; Here’s How!

Although there are many choices for Apple Watch bands on the market, the Wristcam is the most distinctive and functional strap/accessory. When it was introduced in 2020, this cool Apple Watch strap included two cameras, enabling wearers to capture high-definition films. Owners of Wristcams will be happy to learn that a new feature for Wristcam now allows them to make video calls from their wrists. Look at the information below.

Wristcam for Apple Watch Can Now Make Video Calls

Wristcam has unveiled a new video calling capability for their wrist strap for the Apple Watch that is based on a camera. Users of Wristcams may now make video calls from their wrists without using their iPhones, thanks to this development. Check out the company’s little promotional film, which is included below and shows off the new feature.

Although it’s important to note that Wristcam’s own app will host the video calls rather than FaceTime. FaceTime audio calls are currently supported on the Apple Watch, but video calls are not supported because there isn’t an internal camera.

However, the new Wristcam feature is now only available to users who make a request through the company’s official website. Concerning the feature’s full accessibility, the business states that it is now collaborating with a number of developers to enhance it. In the upcoming weeks, Wristcam will roll out the capability to all of its users after improving support and compatibility.

Users will be able to make watch-to-watch or watch-to-phone video calls once the technology is available. In either case, to make or receive video calls, both parties must have the Wristcam software installed on their Apple devices.

Now, to refresh your memory, Wristcam is one of the coolest and most practical Apple Watch accessories that enables users to record 1080p films and 4K photos with an 8MP world-facing camera. Additionally, there is a 2MP selfie camera that is employed by the new video calling feature. The accessory also includes 8GB of storage memory, which can hold up to 2,000 photos and an hour’s worth of high-definition films.

It is offered in three hues and six various sizes, ranging from 38mm to 45mm. The limited edition Noir Black and Gray model is priced at $399 (Rs 30,529) as opposed to the normal edition’s $299 (Rs 22,879). Visit the official Wristcam website to check it out. Please share your opinions on the new video calling option in the comments section below as well.