You can now play Android games on PC officially and without tricks

Google Play Games

Google has just announced the arrival of Google Play Games, a platform for Android compatible with Windows, to Europe. This application can now be downloaded from the Play Store and used to play Android games from a more comfortable environment with a larger screen, such as a PC.

Downloading the App

To access the service, users simply need to download the Google Play Games installation package. This official application from Google offers a simple way to play Android games directly on a computer without requiring complex emulators or tools.

Advantages of the Platform

The new platform provides several advantages. As well as being able to continue the game from where the user left off on their mobile, when playing from Windows, they can do so on a computer with a larger screen and more precise controls, such as a keyboard and mouse.


Google Play Games is an interesting platform that allows users to enjoy Android games on their computer with ease and official support from Google. With the larger screen and more precise controls, users can have a more comfortable gaming experience.