You Can Now Play Angry Birds in Minecraft; Get the Angry Birds x Minecraft DLC

The community wasn’t anticipating much significant in the interim because gamers were preoccupied on the imminent Minecraft 1.19 upgrade. But the creators of Minecraft continue to give us fantastic gifts in spite of it. This time, they’re giving us an unexpected but incredibly entertaining Angry Birds and Minecraft crossover. These two games have long been favourites of players, and their notoriety isn’t about to fade any time soon. Therefore, if you already have a copy of Minecraft, you may start playing Angry Birds right away. And yeah, it’s unlike anything you’ve ever played.

Minecraft: Angry Bird DLC

The fundamental idea of the game is still there in the Angry Birds DLC for Minecraft. The pigs are constructing shelters to lead the eggs that they have stolen. You must pretend to be one of the birds in order to reject eggs and satisfy the pigs’ wants in order to combat them. Along with the recognisable pigs, the DLC for Minecraft also introduces a number of well-known birds, such as Red, Chuck, and Bomb.

But every component of the game, including our primary characters, is decorated in a manner similar to that of Minecraft. The gameplay has evolved from classic slingshot games to include blocky forms and pixelated textures.

Play Angry Birds in First Person

While we’re on the subject of departing from the norm, this DLC takes advantage of the chance to provide us with a distinctive first-person Angry Birds experience. You are now the target in the slingshot and are required to take aim with the pig buildings just in front of you. Therefore, even if you already have some slinging expertise under your belt, you might need to refine your aim.

The Angry Birds + Minecraft DLC’s classic game mode includes a revamped version of the slingshot experience. If you enjoy casual gaming and level-upgrading, you can play it. You must, however, select Mission Mode if you want to play seriously.

Combat in Angry Birds x Minecraft DLC

You have to use the birds’ particular powers to battle foes in various surroundings and against unusual pigs in the mission game mode. You have to save kidnapped flock members instead of eggs, and each new place has its unique set of difficulties. Additionally, this mode lacks the slingshot, unlike standard Angry Birds. Instead of being tossed at their foes, your birds travel to the locations on their own.

The outcome is a pleasant and engaging third-person freestyle gameplay experience. Additionally, you can find certain exclusive bird abilities and locations that have never been featured in any other Angry Birds games.

How to Get Angry Birds DLC in Minecraft

The Angry Bird mode in Minecraft is exclusively available to users of the Bedrock edition, just like other significant crossovers. Players of the Java edition must rely on the greatest Minecraft mods to obtain something comparable. However, this DLC gives you enough to temporarily switch to the Bedrock edition, so don’t let it depress you.

The Angry Birds for Minecraft includes 6 new characters, 10 exclusive skins, and an item called the Angry Birds Character Creator in addition to the new game types. The finest aspect is that you can immediately acquire everything. The Angry Birds x Minecraft is currently accessible through the Minecraft Marketplace. You must purchase the DLC from the marketplace in order to obtain it. It costs 1340 Minecoins, or about 8 USD at the time of writing.

Are the special game modes enough to make this DLC worth a little bit more money than the majority of custom adventure maps in Minecraft’s marketplace? Do you intend to purchase the Angry Birds x Minecraft DLC? In the comments, please!