YouTube Comments Not Loading? How to Fix!

You probably always have a tab with YouTube open whenever you use the internet, whether it be for work or anything else. Almost everyone uses the service to watch and share videos, and for good reason. But there are situations when YouTube can also be problematic. I recently discovered that my browser was blocking the YouTube comments. That’s quite aggravating, and if you’re having the same problem as me and your YouTube comments won’t load, then here is the solution.

How to Fix YouTube Comments Not Loading

As I previously mentioned, this is a problem that occasionally arises and is very frustrating to deal with. There is also no one-size-fits-all remedy for this problem because there isn’t a single cause for it.

Fortunately, there are numerous methods you may use to fix YouTube issues, and we will go through each one in this article. I advise you to follow along because I’ll be organising the solutions from simplest to most time-consuming. You can, however, use the table of contents to quickly get to any approach you believe might be effective.

1. Sign In

If YouTube comments are not loading for you, you should first verify that you are still signed in to YouTube. Many users have complained that they can only view comments on YouTube when they are logged in with their Google account.

If you aren’t logged in, a Sign In button will be shown in the top right corner, as shown in the screenshot below. Sign in with your Google account, and hopefully the comments on YouTube will now begin to load.

2. Reload YouTube

The simplest solution is to restart the webpage if signing in didn’t work or if you’re already logged in.

Website troubles can frequently be caused by errant connection or caching issues. Reloading should resolve the issue if something similar is keeping your YouTube comments from loading.

3. Try Viewing a Different Video

Additionally, YouTube enables creators to turn off comments for their videos. It’s possible that the uploader has disabled comments on YouTube, which would explain why they aren’t loading.

To see if you can see comments on a different video, try watching that one instead. If so, the issue is most likely with the video settings that the uploader selected, not YouTube or your browser.

4. Change Comment Sorting from Top Comments to Newest First

This is a technique that many users have found success with if the comments section appears for you but all you see are whirling circles.

Change the comment sorting option to Newest First from Top Comments (or vice versa).

This basically refreshes the YouTube video’s comments section, which should result in correct comment loading.

5. Open YouTube in Incognito

If none of the aforementioned approaches worked, it’s necessary to check your browser’s cache, cookies, and extensions to determine if there’s a problem. Try using YouTube incognito mode to see if comments are loading there to verify this.

Private Mode in Browsers

By selecting New Incognito Window from the three-dot menu when using Google Chrome, you can open an incognito window. Alternatively, you can use Ctrl + Shift + N on the keyboard.

If you’re using Microsoft Edge, you can open an InPrivate window by selecting New InPrivate Window from the three-dot menu icon. Alternatively, you can just do the shortcut ctrl + shift + n.

Open YouTube in the Incognito window and start a video. Verify that the comments are loading.

In the YouTube app, incognito

Following are instructions on how to enter incognito mode when using the YouTube app on an Android or iOS device.

Turn on Incognito is accessible by tapping the top-right image of your Google account.

Now play a video and check to see if YouTube comments are visible.

If loading YouTube comments has been fixed by utilising Incognito mode, there is a problem with your browser. Continue reading to find out what actions you should do to try to remedy this.

6. Clear Browser Cache and Cookies

You should first clear the cache on your browser. Issues like the comments problem you are currently experiencing might occasionally be brought on by cached data.

The majority of websites will sign you out if you erase your cookies.

Here is a guide on how to clear cache in Google Chrome.

  • Go to chrome://settings and search for cache .
  • Click on the option that says Clear browsing data .
  • Select time range as All Time and click on Clear data .

This page will show you how to remove your cache and cookies if you’re using Microsoft Edge.

  • Go to edge://settings and search for cache .
  • Click on choose what to clear .
  • Select time range as all time and click on clear data .

After clearing your browser’s cache and cookies, visit YouTube and check to see if the YouTube comments are loaded or not. This should have corrected the issue. If not, keep reading.

7. Check Extensions

The following step is to make sure that no extensions are interfering with YouTube.

We’ll test this by gradually disabling each extension to see whether YouTube comments begin to appear. How to disable extensions is shown here.

Within Google Chrome

  • Reload YouTube and see if comments are showing up.
  • Repeat the process by disabling extensions one by one.

Windows Edge

  • Go to edge://extensions. Turn off the toggle for an extension.
  • Reload YouTube and see if comments are showing up.
  • Repeat the process by disabling extensions one by one.

You can be sure that an extension was the source of YouTube issues if disabling it resolves them for you. You should disable the extension or uninstall it entirely from your browser.

8. Clear App Cache and Data (Android/ iOS)

If the YouTube comments not loading issue was resolved by using the incognito mode on the YouTube app, clearing the app cache and data should resolve the issue for you. Here’s how to accomplish it on an iPhone or an Android device.

On Android, clear the app’s cache and data.

  • Long press on the YouTube app and tap on App Info or the i icon.
  • Tap on Storage and then on Clear Storage .
  • Now open the YouTube app and see if this solved the problem.

iPhone data and app cache must be cleared.

The YouTube app must be deleted and then installed again from the App Store in order to remove app cache and data on an iPhone.

Check to see if YouTube comments are now loaded for you after clearing the app cache and data for the YouTube app.

9. Disable Ad Blockers

Ad blockers occasionally cause issues with websites like YouTube if you’re using them. Disabling your ad blocker or YouTube’s ad blocker may help if your browser is having trouble loading YouTube comments. Hopefully, that will make the issues go away.

10. Disable Proxy Settings and VPNs

While it’s not usually the case, utilising VPNs can occasionally make YouTube act strangely. The YouTube comments may not be loading for you if you are using a VPN or proxy to route your internet traffic. Here are your options.

Disable Proxy on Windows 10

  • Search for Proxy in the start menu and open Proxy settings .
  • Turn off the toggle next to Automatically detect settings .

Macintosh Proxy Disable

  • Go to System Preferences -> Network
  • Select your WiFi network and click on Advanced .
  • Go to Proxies in the top bar, and uncheck all the check boxes.
  • Click on Ok to save the settings

Check to see if the comments not loading error has been resolved by refreshing YouTube. If not, proceed to the next actions.

11. Flush DNS Cache

Flushing the DNS cache is another thing you can try. Although there isn’t much proof that it works, it wouldn’t hurt to give it a shot if your YouTube comments aren’t loading.

You can check out our helpful guides on how to flush or clear the DNS cache in Windows 10 as well as in macOS and Linux.

12. Reset Your Browser

Finally, if nothing has helped, you can try resetting your browser to its factory settings.

Chrome should be reset.

  • Go to chrome://settings and search for reset .
  • Click on Restore settings to the original defaults .
  • Click on Reset settings .

the Microsoft Edge reset

  • Go to edge://settings and search for reset .
  • Click on Restore settings to their default values
  • Click on Reset .

Try logging in now and watching some videos on YouTube. Hopefully, this (very drastic) step has resolved your issue with YouTube comments not loading.

Solve YouTube Comments Not Loading Errors

There are 12 various ways to fix the YouTube comments won’t load issue on your computer browser or mobile device. I hope these techniques helped you fix your YouTube problem.

If not, your only other option is to wait for YouTube to address whatever issue there may be on the backend. Which approach did you find effective? Please tell us in the comments. If you feel that YouTube is taking up too much of your time, I also encourage you to read our post on how to avoid wasting time there.